VIS Steering Committee

The task of the IEEE VIS Steering Committee (VSC) is to provide long-term scientific and organizational oversight of IEEE VIS. Its remit includes handling of all cross-year policy questions. The VSC should be consulted on key initiatives arising from the general chairs, the Visualization Executive Committee (VEC), and the community and should establish mechanisms for this communication. The VSC has 9 members, all serving 4-year terms. For more details on the VSC see the IEEE VIS Charter.

Current members of the VSC are:

Name Affiliation
Jeffrey Heer University of Washington
Petra Isenberg (co-chair) Inria
Kwan-Liu Ma University of California at Davis
Miriah Meyer (co-chair) Linköping University
Jinwook Seo Seoul National University
Anna Vilanova Eindhoven University of Technology
Niklas Elmqvist Aarhus University
Vidya Setlur Tableau Research
Xiaoru Yuan Peking University

VIS Executive and Steering Committee Elections

Each year the VIS community elects one new member each to the VEC and VSC. See the VIS Elections page for more details.

Public Meeting Notes

All public meetings notes are available here